Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj.PR Handout

Outspoken Prakash Raj is in the centre of a controversy again after expressing his views on film stars entering politics. 

"Actors should not come into politics only because they are popular. It's a disaster, they should come with a clear perception of the issues facing the country and win the trust of the people. And we should not vote as a fan. But as responsible citizens," Prakash Raj said.

His statement comes after Kamal Haasan and Upendra announced foraying into politics, while Rajinikanth is apparently willing to become a full-time neta. Hence, his comments were easily seen as his approval of these actors foraying into politics.

Prakash Raj has claimed that he has respect for Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, but he will not support them in politics till they understand the problems the citizens facing in the country.

"I have respect for them as actors but that does not mean that I will vote for them. They have to demonstrate how much they understand our culture, the problems and how they will respond to it," Deccan Chronicle quoted the actor as saying.

Prakash Raj had earlier said that he was not willing to join any party. He also revealed that his commercials stopped being aired after he made critical comments about the politics recently.

The National Award-winning actor revealed that he was not the only one who has been targeted in this manner and earlier, the ads of stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan too were forced to stop for their political comments.

"Weren't they removed from being ambassadors to certain things? Weren't some of their commercials stopped? They are stopping my commercials too. But I will not ask you why you are hitting me. I will not tell you the way you are hitting me is hurting me because that will make you stronger," the daily adds him as saying.

Prakash Raj had recently expressed his anguish over people celebrating the death of his dear friend and journalist Gauri Lankesh. "It is not important who killed Gauri, but what worries me is the sight of people celebrating her death and spreading hatred," he had said. "Some of these people who celebrated her murder are being followed by our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) on Twitter. And we have a PM whose eyes have remain closed on this," he added.