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Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna's love affair blossomed in the house of crazies. While some hearts broke post eviction, a few relationships were made for the long haul.

The "Bigg Boss 8" lovebirds, after a splendid vacation in Udaipur, took off to London with the "Grand Masti" actress' mother in tow. Now, none of the two have confirmed the reason for their Brit trip, but it could be for the 'meet the parents' ritual.

Either this or Upen has finally got around to fulfilling the promise he once made while munching on good food during one of the dates arranged for the couple in the "BB8" house. The "36 China Town" actor was often heard saying he would want to travel the world with his ladylove Karishma once she's out of the house.

Since none of the concerned parties have made any official announcement about an impending engagement/marriage, this can very well be counted as nothing more than a speculation.

However, the gorgeous actress met Upen's grandfather last month and the latter often joins family dinners and steps out for movie dates with his love interest. The love story sure is as charming as it could get, but Karishma was bombarded with truckload of questions when she decided to move on from ex-boyfriend Rushabh Choksi.

In her defense, the actress said her feelings were genuine adding that she never faked her love for Upen just to survive the show. She also elaborated that their future together is undecided and that they would go with the flow.

"My feelings for Upen were real. I am not a person to compromise on my priorities and family just for a show. I was true to him and to my feelings. I will never create a romantic angle to survive on a game show. We, however, haven't decided about the future. I have not thought about it right now. Let's see where it goes," PTI quoted her as saying.