The confidential images of upcoming Ola Electric e-scooters, set to be launched on August 15, have allegedly been leaked, which has forced its CEO Bhavish Aggarwal demand an apology from the media person who leaked those images.

Aggarwal also said that going forward, the electric vehicle company may not showcase their products to journalists before the official launch.

The images, likely to be of Ola S1X e-scooter, were part of an auto media event the company held on Monday "and content from this event was supposed to be embargoed and confidential", according to Aggarwal.

Upcoming Ola EV images leaked, furious Bhavish Aggarwal demands apology
Upcoming Ola EV images leaked, furious Bhavish Aggarwal demands apologyTwitter/Bhash

"Auto media does their own credibility a massive disservice when they sneakily take photos at a confidential event. Breaks the trust the brand places in them. We work really hard to make great products and entertaining events for our customers and delight them. Such instances can't have any place in a mature ecosystem," the Ola Electric CEO posted in a tweet.

"Unless it is clear who did this and an apology (which is unlikely), we will not have auto journalists being showcased our products before launch going forward. They will be shown the products only after customers are shown products at launch events," an outraged Aggarwal added.

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder of Ola.Reuters

The company, which just launched the S1 Air, is reportedly planning to launch an electric scooter called S1X. It is expected to be an entry-level model, starting at less than Rs 1 lakh.
Ola currently offers S1 Pro, S1, and S1 Air electric scooters to the consumers.

"Ola Community, mark your calendar. On 15th August, we're celebrating Customer Day with the most electrifying event of the year - End ICE age Part 1. The doors of the FutureFactory will be open for you," Aggarwal tweeted last week.

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