'Uorfi is perfect for Met Gala': Did Cardi B and Amelia Gray copy Uorfi's Javed's outfit idea?; Karan Johar, Orry react
'Uorfi is perfect for Met Gala': Did Cardi B and Amelia Gray copy Uorfi's Javed's outfit idea?; Karan Johar, Orry reactInstagram

On the first Monday of May, grand fashion event, Met Gala, was held at New York's famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a star-studded night filled with glitz and glamour. With celebs amping up from across the globe, they slayed on the red carpet.

However, it was American model Amelia Gray Hamlin's outfit and Cardi B's outfit that raised eyebrows.

'Uorfi is perfect for Met Gala'

As soon as the videos and pictures of Cardi B and Amelia stormed social media, desis believed that the Hollywood celebs copied influencer Uorfi Javed outfit ideas.

Several social media users pointed out the stark resemblance between Amelia's outfit and the one which Uorfi wore a couple of months back.

Amelia Gray Hamlin made a stunning appearance at the Met Gala 2024 wearing a 'rose-filled' dress.

Desi netizens were of the view that Uorfi Javed had already done it before her.

In March 2024, Uorfi carried the whole universe inside her dress, with lights inside.

A section of users also stated that Uorfi, who is known for her sartorial choices, is suited for Met Gala.

A user wrote, "East and west our Urfi is best."

The next one wrote, "Uorfi ka dress kuch alag hi hota met gala me (Uorfi's outfit would have been different at the Met Gala)."

A third user chimed in and wrote, "Of course Uorfi she's looking absolutely amazing."

The fourth one said, "Uorfi Deserves to be in the Met Gala."

Now, Uorfi has reacted to the comparisons being made between her and Amelia's looks.

However, Orry, Karan Johar hailed Uorfi's idea and heaped praise on her.

Taking to her Instagram story on Wednesday, Uorfi re-shared a post which read, "For me, every day is Met Gala. For them, it's just one day."

About the theme: "The Garden of Time"

The theme draws inspiration from JG Ballard's 1962 short story of the same name, aligning perfectly with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's latest exhibition, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion. Opening to the public on May 10, the exhibition promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of fashion's evolution.