[Representative Image] An artist performs as an Indonesian ghost Kuntilanak during the Jakarta Contemporary ArtSpace Fiesta in Jakarta's old city, March 13, 2014.Reuters

In an unusual encounter, a ghost hunter claimed he saw two spirits having sex in a museum's toilet. Stephen Briggs from Horncastle in England says that he had more than 100 supernatural encounters, including two spirits having sex.

The 38-year-old said that a ghost assaulted him once. The paranormal enthusiast has kept a record of his encounters and will soon describe each one of them in detail. In his revelations, he said that he was a kid when he had his first paranormal encounter.

"I have had so many I don't know where to start. Some are the most bizarre and amusing, but ghosts aren't always scary. The first one I can remember was when I sat on my mum's knee waiting for my dad. There was a gentleman in a coat and he just disappeared."

"There was another one where I saw two people having a sexual encounter in a toilet at a museum in East Kirkby. I went to open the door to tell them to stop and then they just vanished. I headed out onto the airfield but there was no one there. My family had been waiting for outside the toilet and they say they hadn't seen anyone go in or out," Mirror quoted Briggs as saying.

In another occasion, Briggs claimed that a ghost attacked him and ripped his pendant into two. "I received a nasty shove to the heart," he said.

"I thought I was being attacked. The pendant I was wearing was ripped in two. I don't know what it was. No one else does either, but it must have been by something. I haven't worn jewellery since."

He said that sometimes people ridicule him online because of his claims and even send him hate mails.

"My family are very supportive," he said. "I get a lot of abuse from online trolls and hate mail. I have no reason to make it up. I think people are just jealous that I am the centre of attention."