The school makes children do yoga. ( Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons

A school in Denver, the capital of the US state of Colorado, has come up with a new way of giving detention to kids. The Doull Elementary School has started yoga classes for its students facing detention, reported ANI.

Yoga classes are held on every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Colorado school.

According to the school's psychologist, Yoga is a better option to discipline children than rebuking them.

"What's more important? Punishing kids for a mistake they made or teaching them some skills that they can actually use in life to not make the same mistakes again?" school psychologist Carly Graeber told Mindbodygreen.

"Math and reading and science and social studies are all so important to us here, but also we're really in the business of teaching kids social and emotional skills that they can use for their lives, so how to solve problems, how to deal with complicated feelings, and things like that," she added.

However, this is not the first time that a US school has opted for Yoga instead of detentions.

Many US schools have included yoga in their curriculum. (Representational Image)Creative Commons

In November 2016, a teacher of the Robert W Coleman Elementary school in Baltimore sent a student to the meditation center of the educational institution after he got into an altercation with his classmate.

"I did some deep breathing, had a little snack, and I got myself together. Then I apologized to my class," the boy was quoted as saying by CNN. The students of this school in west Baltimore have been doing yoga and practicing deep breathing and stretching exercises to control their anger.

In fact, the Southern Elementary school in Scott County of the US state of Minnesota has made yoga a part of the children's curriculum, said WKYT — a television station in Kentucky.

In India, Yoga is practiced as a part of extracurricular activities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi always urges youngsters to practice yoga.

Modi yoga, International Yoga Day
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi performs yoga on International Yoga Day in Lucknow, June 21, 2017.Reuters

He also emphasizes the benefits of yoga in his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat.