Undertaker vs Goldberg
Will Undertaker and Goldberg have a face-off on RawWWE

One of the greatest WWE stars of all time, The Undertaker will be making his long-awaited comeback to WWE programming on June 3 episode of Raw. This appearance comes as a result of a new lucrative contract that Mark Calaway, the real man behind the character, has signed with the company. After appearing on some interviews outside the WWE framework, The Phenom is back under the umbrella of Vince McMahon's company.

So, what can we expect from The Deadman when he walks down the ramp and enters the squared circle? He is set to face WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg at the company's special event in Saudi Arabia, Super ShowDown, on June 7. Will he talk about that match and his opponent? If he does, will there be any immediate response from Goldberg, maybe even a surprise appearance?

What will he do?

These are some of the possibilities that are present in relation to The Deadman's comeback to Raw. While the prospects of the actual match in Saudi Arabia don't look all that good, there is a possibility that an in-ring face-off between the two men will be quite entertaining. The unique persona of the man who had the unparalleled winning streak at Wrestlemania and that of Goldberg may create a highly interesting scene for the fans.

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We will probably get to see what shape The Deadman is inWikimedia Commons/Vishal Somaiya

What's more, since these two legends have never been involved in a storyline before, the novelty factor is also going to draw a lot of attention. There is almost a certainty that these two won't have any physical altercation. Both are going into the match as semi-retired legends and faces. The company would like to keep it that way. However, WWE is full of surprises and nothing can be completely ruled out.

For the loyal fans of The Undertaker, the sight of him going through his ominous walk towards the ring with the iconic music in the background and speaking in his grave voice would be another moment to savour. We will also get to see whether he looks in good shape or not. Perhaps, he may be interrupted by a jobber and will get an opportunity to show-off his fitness for the upcoming match. Elias may be the sacrificial lamb once again.

As to what he is going to say, it's nearly impossible to surmise. It could be anything from a threat to his opponent Goldberg to a re-assertion of his want for dominance. Whatever may be the case, the verbal battle between him and his opponent at Super ShowDown may well be better than the actual match.