Undertaker vs Goldberg
The two legends will face-off in a special event in Saudi ArabiaTwitter

Many are calling it the dream match, some fans a materialisation of their biggest wrestling fantasy, some can't wait for it to happen. This event – the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg has been announced for June 7 as part of a special WWE event in Saudi Arabia.

In 2017 Royal Rumble match, the two men had a face-off with the commentators exclaiming about how great that moment was. It lasted very shortly as The Deadman eliminated Goldberg a little later. There was no room for the story to develop as the angle between the latter and Brock Lesnar had to be taken to its conclusion at the following Wrestlemania.

Not the best idea

Now the WWE has decided to make this much-anticipated contest actually take place. Alas, it's at least 10 years too late! Goldberg's hugely-promoted return to in-ring contest in 2016 turned out to be largely a dud. He barely wrestled at all in all the matches that he was part of. The best contest of that particular run with the company was the Wrestlemania match against Lesnar. Even that was merely an extended demonstration of the four signature moves of the two wrestlers.

To expect Goldberg to be any better two years later would be ridiculous. It is clear that he is no longer able to sustain long matches. To make things worse, he would be up against a guy, who is also well past his prime – The Undertaker.

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The Deadman hasn't been able to sustain long matches in the last couple of yearsJP Yim/Getty

While the Phenom has been able to show more wrestling ability in recent years than Goldberg, it may simply be because of his continued presence in the business. But even his matches are becoming a pale shadow of what they used to be. The shortness of the Wrestlemania match between him and John Cena was mainly to ensure that Taker isn't made to extend himself beyond his ability. But then, for some inexplicable reason, they made the legend take part in long matches, first against Triple H and then, a tag-team contest with Kane vs DX. Both of them were not the most inspiring.

Considering the great history Undertaker has, it is painful to watch him compete in sluggish contests. To put it simply, even the Deadman has reached a point where he is not able to produce good matches. This explains why he missed a Wrestlemania for the first time since 2000.

No great expectations

But now both Goldberg and The Undertaker are being made to face off against each other. One can expect a young wrestler to put over one of the two in a way that makes the match watchable. But when both the wrestlers are of advanced age, what sort of contest can we expect?

It is sheer injustice to the legacy of these two greats of the business to make them compete well past their prime. Their fans would love to remember them for their stupendous feats at the peak of their powers. To witness them as mere shadows of their former self struggling to put up a good contest would be sad and painful for everyone. But, WWE wants to encash every last drop of their wrestling ability and make them get back into the ring. This may be 'good for business' but not so for their legacy.