Missing tank lid???
Missing tank lid???Well, it's TeslaIBT creative

It's true that electric cars are not mainstream, but they are no longer niche too. In the US, Tesla cars are often a common sight and they are synonymous with electric cars almost everywhere across the world. Elon Musk's vision for Tesla to accelerate the world's transition into sustainable energy has been on the right path since 2003 and by now everyone is familiar with the fact that a Tesla is an electric car brand. Well, almost everyone.

A video of a man struggling to find a tank lid on a new Tesla has gone viral. It's not clear if the person owns the Tesla as the delivery date on the license plate says July 26, 2020, which suggests he is either transferring the vehicle and definitely doesn't work at Tesla or got it early.

The hunt for tank lid goes on

The person seen in the video tries to locate the tank lid and cannot find it anywhere around (obviously). Then he pops the trunk open, which in a normal gas car would be the engine bonnet. If the person didn't know Tesla was electric, he probably would be shocked to see the missing engine. A few seconds later, he comes to the door, takes out his phone and decides to do a web search. After realizing that it's electric car (hopefully), the man drives off in anger (and a great deal of embarrassment).


The video was recorded by a group of friends waiting next in line to fill up the gas. They start shooting after seeing Tesla at a gas station, which is as weird as it can get. They choose not to inform the guy, instead, they capture the entire ordeal on camera. The video shared on social media has gone viral, with people questioning the person's knowledge about a Tesla.

Watch the video below: