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Whoever has watched Netflix's superhero drama series, The Umbrella Academy has fallen in love with Number Five or The Boy (Aidan Gallagher). However, there is one member of The Umbrella Academy who is long dead and now there are some theories about his early demise.

As earlier reported, The Umbrella Academy follows the lives of few superheroes from a dysfunctional family who reunites after their father's death. The members include the White Violin (Ellen Page), Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and Ben (Justin H. Min).

Ben is a boy who possessed some monsters from other dimensions under his skin. He is deceased but appeared in almost all the episodes to Klaus and even helps in occasionally. In The Umbrella Academy season 1, the cause of Ben's death is not revealed and fans are hoping that the creators will address his death in the season two.

In the very first episode of The Umbrella Academy, we see Ben's headstone that reads, "May the darkness within you find peace in the light." It may suggest to an extent that he was not doing too well with the demons which were revealed in the subsequent episodes. It was also revealed in one of those scenes that even Ben was very reluctant to unleash those tentacle demons to kill those robbers.

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The Umbrella Academy ReviewThe Umbrella Academy (@umbrellaacad/Instagram)

There were previous speculations that Ben must have gotten tired of these demons and decided to kill himself. Since he committed suicide, his soul is not able to leave this plain. However, this theory was later ruled out because the father of these superheroes, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, also killed himself but he is on some different plain.

Another theory about Ben's death suggests that his demise is directly linked with how Klaus returns from the dead.

If you have gotten the opportunity to read the comic books written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, you must know that the acclaimed writers have also kept the secret of Ben's tragic demise a secret. In an earlier interview with Forbes, Gerard Way stated that he "originally just wrote the character to be dead, that was his function. [But] I always knew I was going to resolve it."