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    The body of a woman killed by recent shelling lies on a street in the residential sector in the town of Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine February 10, 2015.Reuters
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    People look at the remains of a rocket shell on a street in the town of Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine February 10, 2015.Reuters
  • Ukraine
    A teddy bear is seen by a puddle of blood at the site of recent shelling in the residential sector in the town of Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine February 10, 2015.Reuters

Shelling in the Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk, well inside government-controlled territory, left 10 people dead on Tuesday, and photos and videos of the rocket attack convey the shocking reality of the conflict in the region that has claimed more than 5,000 lives in 10 months. 

A video, filmed by a weeping woman from her apartment window as rockets hit buildings meters away, has now gone viral, getting more than two million views in two days. 

The distressed woman is heard crying as rockets hit her town, and the video ends with a view of the area as smoke rises from the attack. 

Another video captured by a car's dashcam also revealed the shocking shelling attack that rocked the town on Tuesday. 

As the car goes down a seemingly quiet road in the town, a rocket is seen suddenly falling just meters ahead, and the car comes to a halt. A woman's scream is heard from the car, as the driver then reverses the vehicle from the spot. 

Both videos were shared on social media as 'Kramatorsk' became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. 

Apart from the videos, a hard-hitting photo of a woman lying dead on a snow-laden road as other locals walked by reflected an unnerving helplessness of civilians in the region. 

The picture was captured by Reuters photographer Gleb Garanich, who said he "wanted to convey the banality fo the horror" in the region. 

Garanich said he rushed to the area after seeing a tweet that said Kramatorsk was being shelled. 

"We got to the site of the shelling in less than an hour after the explosion. The first thing we saw was a dead woman's body lying on the ground, she had been like that for at least half an hour. By shooting this picture I wanted to convey the banality of the horror happening here," he said.

The locals were just walking by, rarely reacting to what was going on. Someone later came by and brought a cloth to cover her body," Garanich said.

He also captured a photo of a rocket sticking out of the ground from a small crater it had made. 

While the pro-Russia rebels had denied launching the rockets into the civilian area, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko blamed the attack on them.

"This attack can be done only by Russian-made and Russian operated multiple rocket launcher system, named 'Smerch' or 'Tornado," Poroshenko said in Kiev, according to The Telegraph

A video of an emotional Poroshenko describing the Kramatorsk attack was also shared widely on social media.