Ever fancied the idea of owning a charming, idyllic country cottage? Now you can own an entire village. That too in the picture postcard-perfect countryside of the United Kingdom.

West Heslerton, a village located 24 km from North Yorkshire in Northern England, is up for sale for £20 million. The property comprises 43 houses — including a 21-bedroom country home — 2,100 acres of land, a petrol station and a pub, BBC reports. In addition, the property also has a church, a pavilion and a play ground.

The entire estate was earlier owned by the same family for 150 years, but its recent owner, a lady named Eve Dawnay, died five years ago. Now the family has decided to put it up on the market.

"Miss Dawnay was a wonderful lady. She was very kind and the property rates are — have always been — very low. This has helped keep a vibrant village community with a mixed group of ages and there are obviously a lot of people hoping that somebody with a similar benevolent nature will come along to take over the estate," Tom Watson, a local estate agent was quoted as saying by the BBC.

Local estate agents of the North Yorkshire village have said they have been getting a lot of interests from far and wide, Sky news reports.

"My phone has been ringing off the hook. We have had about 50 requests for details already," Watson, who is the estate agent in charge of the sale, told Sky news. He further added that the estate has been left untouched the past five decades and is now a blank canvas, ready to be shaped by the next generation.

What more could one ask for?