UFO Las vegas
Alleged UFO that appeared in Las VegasYouTube: WP Oreo

A new video apparently shot from Las Vegas is now the hottest debating topic among alien enthusiasts and extraterrestrial believers. In the video uploaded to YouTube by a channel named WP Oreo, three bizarre lights can be hovering in the night skies of Las Vegas, the bustling city.

UFO mystery continues

In the initial moments of the video, a single bright light can be seen hovering in the skies, and later, two more lights appeared. These UFO lights soon gained a triangular formation, and it slowly moved across the skies. The channel who uploaded the video to YouTube also claimed that the footage was shot on August 06, 2020.

Interestingly, these UFO lights spotted above Las Vegas also flashed continuously as it moved across the night sky. Thousands of people have apparently witnessed the incident, and many people have started claiming that aliens have paid a visit to earth.

"Amazing catch. I've seen these kinds of lights with the same behavior in several other videos, but none has come this close and also captured when they split/materialize," commented Phenotype, a YouTube user.

"Really good catch! How sweet would it be to really know what they are and why they're here," said Roy Rush, another YouTuber.

Even though conspiracy theorists are sure about alien existence, skeptics claim that these lights could be drones. However, experts assure that these are not drones, as they don't flutter and reduce light output.

"As a licensed and experienced drone enthusiast, there's one part of the video that caught my attention and that's the ending. Drone lights are typically LED and so they are either on or off. They don't flutter and reduce light output and fade," said a drone expert, Daily Star reports.

The mysterious UFO sighting in Canada

The new UFO sighting in Las Vegas is reported just a few weeks after another classic disc-shaped flying object was spotted in Canada. According to the eyewitness who captured this flying object, the UFO event happened above the skies of YOW Ottawa Airport on July 12.

After capturing the image, the eyewitness soon submitted it to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and they are currently investigating this sighting.