UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)
UFO Sighting: Strange Glowing Objects Leaving Clouds Cloaked Spotted over Chile (Representational Image)Reuters

In yet another strange Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting, two glowing orbs were spotted hovering over Chile. The sighting is rare and interesting as the bright objects were seen leaving nearby clouds cloaked.

The sighting was witnessed by two laborers at a mining facility on 18 July in the Atacama desert in Calama city. They captured it in a short video with the help of their cell phone.

"This sighting took place in the Atacama desert at the city of Calama, Chile. Two glowing orbs were recorded leaving the cloud cloaked UFO and flying off. Absolutely amazing capture," according to Scott Waring of UFO Sighting Daily.

Check out the video of the rare sighting of glowing orbs, here.

Similar sighting have been witnessed in several parts of the world in the past as well.

On 10 July, a smoky UFO was spotted over Melbourne, Australia, which appears like a meteor falling from the space, at the first glance.

However, some experts refer the strange falling object as space junk. But according to an expert, Scott Waring, the glowing tip of the UFO moves to the middle of the object, and makes it appear like an alien craft riding down hot and smoky after encountering huge damage.

Again, UFO like orbs were spotted sparkling the skies of Italy recently. The magnificent glowing objects appeared more like a group of angels to the residents of Milan, who spotted them on 6 July.

The beautiful, but strange sighting was captured in a nine minute 31 seconds video clip and was posted on YouTube.

"This UFO changes shape in ways we have never seen before. At one point, it looks like many orbs, then changes to many angel-like beings. Very fascinating and the color is magnificent. The photo is breathtaking and looks like a group of glowing energy entities looking down on Milan." explained Waring.

In another UFO sighting, a mysterious hole in the cloud was reported on 9 May over Stockton, Northern California. Images of the strange object left people wondering the reasons for such a phenomenon.

Again, two Altoona city residents in Pennsylvania saw a red glowing object hovering over the city on 30 June. They even captured a video via Windows 8 Phone.