A Damaged and Smoky UFO Sighted Over Melbourne earlier in July this year
A Damaged and Smoky UFO Sighted Over Melbourne earlier in July this yearYou Tube Screenshot/ShocKit RocKit

In a surprising sighting, a smoky UFO was spotted over Melbourne, Australia. The sighting was made on 10 July and was captured on video, which appears like a meteor falling from the space, at the first glance.

Opposing the object to be a meteor, some experts refer the strange falling object as space junk. But according to an expert, Scott Waring, the glowing tip of the UFO moves to the middle of the object, which no meteor or abandoned space junk is capable of doing. The object appears to Waring as an alien craft riding down hot and smoky after encountering huge damage.

"Two days ago this UFO was recorded over Australia and so called experts jumped in to say it was meteor...other experts saying its a space junk...but the truth has not been said until now. This is a UFO. Its glowing front part actually moves to the middle of the craft. No meteor can do that...no abandoned space junk can do that either. So I ask you...a meteor or space junk this big and one found a crash site? Thats because it landed and then entered an underground base not far from Melbourne. This area of Australia is one of the most active UFO sites on earth only third to Chile and Argentina. For an alien craft to come in this hot and smoky, it must have received a lot of damage. Hope they made it in," reported Waring from UFO Sightings Daily.

 Check out the video of the damaged and smoky UFO

Similar UFO's like space junk has been sighted in the past as well. Residents of Heilongjiang province spotted three UFO on 16 May falling from the sky and landing on the village grounds. The villagers witnessed a large, metal object that crashed into two places at about 6 am. They claimed to have heard loud noises and saw a fireball falling from the sky.

However, the unidentified objects spotted could be a part of the Russian rocket Proton-M that exploded soon after the lift-off on Friday, while carrying a satellite to place in the orbit. The Proton-M rocket launched at 3:42 am local time in Kazakhstan and blasted 540 seconds into the flight at an altitude just about 100 miles, though no confirmation regarding the same has been made. [Read the report here]

Again, a video surfaced on the internet showing a UFO approaching the International Space Station (ISS) in March 2014. The three-minute 40-second video was uploaded on YouTube by a user named 'secureteam10'.

The footage shows a strange, circular rotating object coming close to the space station. "The video was recorded directly off of the ISS Ustream video page by a regular user of the site who regularly watches the streaming live video for daily anomalies and happenings. This is monumental in the search for proof of an alien presence," reads the blurb accompanying the clip.