UFO Sighting: Three Orbs Spotted Over Sherman Oaks, California (You Tube Screen Shot/YodaVon .VaderWalker)
UFO Sighting: Three Orbs Spotted Over Sherman Oaks, California (You Tube Screen Shot/YodaVon .VaderWalker)You Tube Screen Shot/YodaVon .VaderWalker

In yet another sighting, three orbs were spotted hovering over California. The sighting appeared over Sherman Oaks on 29 June and was witnessed by a resident who posted a video of the strange sighting on YouTube.

According to the witness and YouTube user YodaVon.VaderWalker, the orbs appeared to rise up and float in the air, which balloons don't seem to do. The orbs later faded away. The sighting was first reported by UFO Sightings Daily.

"Saw some amazing orbs in the sky yesterday. I was perched on a high ground when I noticed these orbs rise up together in the distance and then even out and float together, which I know balloons dont do! They had a brilliant glow to them like watching a star in the sky only this was day time. As I was video taping them I noticed another orb materialize as it got closer to the orbs then faded out as it moved away." YodaVon.VaderWalker wrote along with the video.

"After zooming in I noticed that there were actually three objects, the two yellow orbs and a sky blue diamond shaped object in the middle. They floated till they were straight up on top of me then stopped which made it very hard for me to video tape without straining my already strained neck. I observed them for almost an hour laying on the ground as they slowly faded away. It seems the sky is full of them but no one bothers to look up for too long." the witness added.

Check out for the video of three orbs over California

Similar sighting were reported on 20 June, when a round object was spotted hovering over the skies of Calgary, Canada. The weird sighting was witnessed by a YouTube user unicusCDN, who posted it on the video-sharing website.

Again, a mysterious hole in the cloud was reported on 9 May over Stockton, Northern California. Images of the strange object left people wondering the reasons for such a phenomenon, reported Daily Mail.

In yet another sighting on 21 June, locals of an Italian village, spotted a huge crop circle in the wheat field. The huge design appeared overnight and was thought to be an artwork of extraterrestrial beings or a UFO landing on the wheat field.

But, the artwork happened to be an artist Francesco Grassi and his colleagues' work. Grassi on Facebook said that their aim was to prove that humans are capable of doing such great work within few hours. The crop circle measures close to 400 feet in length and around 215 feet in breadth. The crop circle is named LENR "Low energy Nuclear Reactions" Clock by Grassi's team.