Alien Work or an UFO? Giant Crop Circle Appeared in Italy Overnight (Facebook/Francesco Grassi)
Alien Work or an UFO? Giant Crop Circle Appeared in Italy Overnight (Facebook/Francesco Grassi)Facebook/Francesco Grassi

On Saturday 21 June 2014, locals of an Italian village, spotted a giant crop circle in the wheat field. The huge design appeared overnight and was thought to be the artwork of extraterrestrial beings or a UFO landing on the wheat field.

But, the artwork happened to be an artist Francesco Grassi and his colleagues' work. Grassi on  Facebook said that their aim was to prove that humans are capable of doing such great work within few hours. The crop circle measures close to 400 feet in length and around 215 feet in breadth. The crop circle is named LENR "Low energy Nuclear Reactions" Clock by Grassi's team.

"To let the people understand if something is really possible for the human beings and because I love the truth. Now you know that it's possible for human beings to create the Marocchi/Poirino 2014 formation in few hours during the night, 65 meters x 120 meters,"Grassi told Blaze.

"So think now that the first simple circles began to appear in 1980 and they had diameters less than 10 meters. That's the way the phenomenon started, people said it was impossible for humans to create them, simple circles with very small radius. Are you able to continue the reasoning? This is food for minds," He added.

Another unusual sighting was discovered in Hampshire, England, which appeared to be an UFO making crop circles. The crop circle was seen on 21 June in Popham with an interesting geometric design of six point star.

The sighting was first reported by UFO Sightings Daily and the video was uploaded in the You Tube Matthew Williams.

 Check out for the video of the strange crop circle in Popham here

In August 2013, mysterious long stretched patterns of dual crop circles appeared in south-west of England, as reported by Mirror Online.

One of them is believed to measure about 390 feet in diameter and after five days, local residents noticed a second, slightly smaller crop circle in a wheat field that measured 60 feet in diameter in Hackpen Hill.

Aerial images of the two formations were captured by an aerial photographer, Lucy Pringle, from Petersfield, Hants.

"The season started very late this year due to the cold winter and spring. Suddenly it is all happening just as most overseas visitors have left our shores. Both these circles are the largest and most elaborate so far this summer and contain interesting geometry," said Lucy.