TR3B UFO on the Moon in pain sight - uploaded by Secureteam10Screenshot from YouTube Video Uploaded by Secureteam10

A series of claims have been made by editor of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) website claiming that several strange and mysterious objects have seen in the photos of the moon. The latest claim is of an alien raft that resembles a stealth fighter aircraft and an L-shaped UFO in an Apollo 13 photo.

"This alien craft was found on the moon and does resemble the stealth fighter and the legendary TR3B," posted UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring along with the photo. "There are many ships dumped on the surface of the moon, abandoned because they were replaced by newer models or they took too much damage and were a danger to the crew. I have seen hundreds of them." 

Waring also claimed that he spotted an L-shaped UFO in a photo taken by Apollo 13, a manned mission taken up in 1970 to land on moon but had to return due to a technical snatch.

"I was going through NASA photos and found the UFO that Buzz Aldrin said that he saw...an L-shaped UFO. When I looked at the photos before and after this one, the UFO was gone. In a few photos I saw the Earth and it had a ring of light around it just like the UFO did. This is 100% proof the UFO was a solid object and that it was outside the spacecraft, not a reflection off the window," he wrote in another post.

It may be mentioned that Waring has written a series of stories off late on the UFO site about strange objects in photos of the moon taken by NASA. He claimed a couple of days ago that hundreds of alien ships in the shape of cross have been spotted in the pictures of the moon taken by Soviet Russia in 1950s and in the later years.

Reports of NASA being baffled by bright spots seen on dwarf planet Ceres seems to have instigated Waring to have a closer look at the photos of the moon off late. NASA's spacecraft Dawn has sent closer images of the 598 miles diameter dwarf planet in the orbit of Neptune with bright spots being seen and some people have taken to social media claiming that it's a proof of aliens' existence.