Jellyfish-shapped object caught in Holland
Jellyfish-shapped object caught in Holland. [Representational image]Screenshot from Groninganus Blog

A mysterious spooky UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) was spotted hovering over a a monastery in China last week. Unlike other UFOs reported earlier, the one spotted by Chinese monks changed its shape from a flying saucer to an apple, and even to a shape resembling a sitting Buddha.

The Chinese monks found the flying object in the grounds of their monastery on surveillance footage, according to a report by People's Daily Online (via Mail Online). It went on to claim that they realised the presence of UFO when it flew into a hall of the temple in Anhui province and set off security alarms.

According to the report, the footage shows the strange object hovering above Baita Temple at 11pm, changes its shape, disappears a few times and even flew into the temple where it remained for a about 10 seconds. The UFO rotates quickly seven minutes into the video before disappearing.

"When I heard the alarm, I got up to turn it off before going outside to check and didn't see anything unusual. It was only when I looked on the monitor that I could see the UFO," Father Shi Xingkong was quoted as saying by People's Daily Online.

"Had the UFO not entered the temple hall it would not have set off the infra-red alarms and we would not have known it was there," added Chen Songzheng, a staff at the temple.

The UFO sighting became a topic of discussion with some arguing that it could be a toy by some pranksters while others said that it could be caused by electric light that fell on dark clouds. However, an anonymous meteorological expert is of the opinion that it could not be ball lightning considering the length of its appearance.

"We can rule out ball lightning because ball lightning only lasts a very short period of time and this object was seen for over seven minutes," said the expert but thought it could be a bug that flew too close to the camera, saying "When bugs are too close to the screen they will give off this glowing effect and I have seen similar videos in the past. We believe them to be the results of bugs."