UFO Spotted Close to NASA's ISS
Recently a UFO Spotted Close to NASA's ISSYoutube/Streetcap1

According to a latest report by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a triangle-shaped UFO was spotted hovering over Swindon, Wiltshire, on 3 October, 2014.

The report suggests that a witness was at Drove Road, near the Magic Roundabout Intersection, just after dusk when he spotted the UFO less than 70 feet from the ground. The incident took place at about 8 pm local time on 3 October, last year.

"A triangular craft was seen floating above the quiet residential area immediately to the east of Drove Road, Swindon, for a short period of time before moving away in a manner inconsistent with a sighting of any conventional craft," the British witness said, Open Minds Website report. 

The witness described the UFO "to be floating perfectly still and in complete silence very close to Drove Road at a low altitude above houses."

According to the report, since the UFO was flying really low it allowed great visibility to the witness, who was convinced it resembled nothing he had seen ever before.

The witness described the object as a dark or black coloured perfect triangle that seemed to be larger than any house in the area where it was spotted. It also had powerful circular lights and the craft was hovering perfectly still and silent. While the witness watched the UFO for only about 3-4 minutes, he felt that if anyone had been close to the craft that they would have seen it due to the lights.

However, no other witness have come forward to report such a sighting on the said date.

"After about 3-4 minutes, it moved off without any noticeable acceleration. It moved very slowly – perhaps no more than 15 mph based on comparisons with moving traffic on Drove Road. Interestingly, it moved with one of the vertices leading, as though that were the nose of the craft. No fins or signs of a tail could be seen. It remained horizontal as it moved away and no instabilities/roll/etc. were visible," the witness said.

In a while, the craft's lights switched off and it started moving away in a straight line towards "the portion of Queen's Drive near to the Magic Roundabout."