UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) and aliens may or may not exist, but reports of strange objects being sighted keep surfacing.  An enthusiast of extraterrestrial body has claimed that he saw ancient faces on a picture of Mars taken by NASA's Rover.

Interestingly, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring, who had earlier claimed to have spotted alien craft on a photo of the moon and bright spots on photos of Ceres, has now claimed that many alien faces could be seen on a photo of the Mars, which was taken by Rover.

"Now a lot of people will have trouble seeing the faces in this photo. Its like when my friend took me out pheasant hunting and he pointed at the bird in the tall yellow grass and I saw nothing. It takes experience at finding them. Same goes for everything in life," wrote Waring on UFO Sightings Daily website, describing images seen in the photo of Mars. 

Photo of Mars taken by NASA'a Rover
Photo of Mars taken by NASA'a RoverNASA official Website

"My masters degree in Counseling Ed, explains to me the mind sees what it wants to sometimes, but this is not a freak show, but a real area of science that has long gone overlooked," he added.

To prove his point, Waring has even changed the contrast of the Rover's photo of the Mars and added colours for more visibility. Some may agree that images resembling the face of a human could be seen when the photo is zoomed in, but it could be considered an illusion for the simple reason that its size will be huge in reality as it's a panoramic photo.

Photo of Mars taken by NASA'a Rover
Photo of Mars taken by NASA'a RoverNASA (Screenshot)

It may be recalled that Waring had earlier claimed to have seen an alien craft resembling the stealth fighter and the legendary TR3B in the photos of the moon taken by Apollo 13, a manned mission taken up in 1970 to land on moon.

"There are many ships dumped on the surface of the moon, abandoned because they were replaced by newer models or they took too much damage and were a danger to the crew," he wrote.

In yet another report, Waring claimed that several bright spots were found on photos of Ceres, hinting that aliens do exist. He made the claim after NASA scientists reportedly expressed their confusion over bright spots found on photos of the dwarf planet.

(Image Source: NASA)