UFOs witnessed in Normandy Earlier this year.
Fleet of UFOs over Normandy captured by witness.YouTube/WTFflow

A triangle-shaped low-flying Unidentified Object has been spotted hovering over West-Virginia on Thursday, 25 September.

According to a report in Open-minds, the UFO, which was spotted around 8:40 pm was witnessed by a couple who reported the sighting and registered it with Mutual UFO Network or MUFON database.

The witnesses, who belong to Elkins were driving south on Beverly Pike when they spotted two bright orange lights hovering lowly in the sky.

"The light on the right was higher than the one on the left, suggesting the object had just changed direction or was banking from a western direction of travel to a northern direction of travel," the witness has been quoted as saying in the report.

The unidentified witnesses further said that when they moved closer to what they were seeing in the sky, they "noticed a third dim white light in the front of the object, thus forming a triangle of the lights with two orange orbs to the rear/side."

The couple went on to describe the orange lights shaped like an hour-glass. They claim that the sky on the night of the viewing was clear with no clouds to distort their vision and thus making it easier for them to establish the shape of the three-cornered UFO.

While so far, no other witnesses have come forward to report any such sighting on the said day, the witnesses are convinced there are certainly more spectators of the unusual sight.

"This is a heavily populated area with many brightly lit businesses. The object traveled directly over a huge shopping center with Wal-Mart and several neighborhoods. We pulled over at a Ford dealership to observe and watched as the object slowly passed by – much too slow for even a small Cessna and at a low altitude," stated the witnesses.

According to the witness account, the UFO was reported flying as low in the sky as a plane would, while about to land. After being seen for a while, the UFO did not move or flyway but simply disappeared.

"As the object passed by us, it disappeared as if using a cloaking device. All we could see was stars", they said.

While no video or photograph of the UFO was taken by the witnesses, an illustration drawn by them can be seen on the MUFON website.

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