Arizona UFO
UFO spotted over Arizona Skies in July this year.Youtube grab

A strange light hovering over Lake Havasu City in Arizona was apparently reported on 13 July by witnesses.

"UF0 sighting at approx. 8pm. LG smart phone. 4 eye witness's. R Rated for a few F bombs, by a couple of adult witness's. No folks not a drone, helicopter, plane etc" the witness is quoted by UFO Sightings Daily.

"language? Sorry 4 adults reacting to an unusual event, my voice is higher pitched more than normal indicating stress, I saw with my eyes better than 5 mega pixel smart phone. If you see the other video posted? It shows just the previous double rainbow and strange looking clouds," the statement from the witness further reads.

In the 1 minute and 33 seconds long video recorded on 13 July, a bright light with minimal motion can be seen hovering over Lake Havasu city skies. In the background, witnesses can be heard talking, discussing about the strange light.

"Here is a perspective of size and the distance, it is now lowering," one of the witness can be heard saying in the Youtube video.

The white light can then be seen descending slowly from the pinking clouds into SARA Park.

However, no reports of any kind of strange or alien activities were reported on the same date.

According to Havasu News, Dennis Freyermuth, chief investigator for the Phoenix Mutual UFO Network examined the video and said: "Do we have a true event?" he said. "Or an explainable event? Or a natural phenomenon? I'm coming up empty-handed."

Freyermuth further said that during his course of the investigation, he could not find any other witnesses of the said UFO other than those who recorded it and even those were unavailable for a comment. Also, there wasn't any confirmed aircraft activity or helicopter either. The sighting has not been reported by any other individual or group from that city.

"Right now I have no other supporting evidence other than this video clip and (the recorder's) statements… I can't come up with anything else to verify something unusual," Freyermuth added.

Watch the video recorded by the witnesses here:

Video Courtesy: Youtube/blazze2k8