Colorado UFO
The reappearing UFO in ColoradoYoutube Grab

A disc-shaped, white-glowing Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) has been spotted by residents of Hooper multiple times in a Southern Colorado city in the past month.

A Youtube video, supporting the report of the multiple sightings has been provided by the witnesses who still remain clueless about what the strange sighting (which apparently continues to make appearances) was all about.

According to Judy Messoline, a local UFO watcher from the area , San Luis Valley skies have now turned into a popular destination for those who want to get a glimpse of the, a 9News report suggests.

"They've documented UFO sightings in this area since the 1700s," Messoline told 9NEWS. She also said that the town has started being popular for its alien activities.

According to Messoline, the mysterious white disc-shaped UFO has already appeared several times last month and can sometimes be seen hovering on the sky for several minutes.

"Often times, the light appears for several minutes at a time, shoots to the western sky, then stop and beam back east. It's simply too difficult to explain," Messoline said.

An report suggests that while the UFO easily resembles a hot-air balloon, its behavior does not testify the same.

Meanwhile, a witness from Pennsylvania has come forward to report a UFO sighting in June 2013. The witness who registered the sighting with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has claimed that an orange sphere-shaped UFP hovered just 40 feet above his home last year.
His testimony, registered under Case 61106, suggests that the unidentified witness was sitting on his front porch at around 1 am on a Sunday morning when he noticed the brightly-lit alien ship above the home.
"The light was so bright that I could barely see my front lamp-post light," the witness has been quoted as saying by Open Minds. "So I proceeded to step off my porch and out onto our walkway to see what it was."
The witness was able to record a 40-seconds video of the UFO before it drifted away and went out of sight.
Check out the video of the Colorado UFO here: