UFOs witnessed in Normandy Earlier this year.
Fleet of UFOs over Normandy captured by witness.YouTube/WTFflow

Less than a week after a witness from Washington came forward to describe how he felt a spot light on himself from an Unidentified Flying Object hovering 500 feet above the ground, a Florida witness has a new report of a sighting.

According to a report in Open Minds, the unidentified witness was at Port Charlotte, driving westbound along Midway Boulevard at 6:34 p.m. on 30 November 2014, when he was stopped behind several cars just as a "pretty large white orb" UFO moved overhead.

The case has been registered with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
"I came to a stop behind a few car in the middle of the road," the witness has been quoted as saying by Open Minds. "People were looking up to the north. I heard a low humming and saw a pretty large white orb. Inside was a small pill-sized and shaped black- metallic UFO."

The witness further goes on to describe the object as something that was changing colours, moved abruptly up and down, east and west, and then hovered for a half a minute. The object ultimately flew away with an incredible speed.

The witness said he has never seen anything like this before and that the incident left him pretty scared. He also said that he was pretty sure others people driving on the road witnessed it too as he saw them stop their cars and try to figure out the strange sight.

"When it shot out of sight, the cars started moving again, but during the incident a male in the car in front of me actually yelled out his window, 'What the f*** is that?' I knew we were all thinking what the heck it really was. I can tell you now – I'm no longer a skeptic when it comes to UFOs."

So far, no other witnesses have come forward reporting the event and no pictures or videos were submitted by the witness. Port Charlotte in Florida has a population of 54,392.

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