YouTube: Bernardo Pentotiba

Renowned UFO researcher Scott C Waring, on his website 'UFO Sightings Daily' has unveiled a bizarre footage apparently taken from Brazil on July 02, 2018. The strange video shows a meteor-like fireball slowing very slowly across the skies.

Even though at the first glance the object spotted in the video looks like a meteor, Scott C Waring strongly assures that it is an intelligently made alien craft.

"The object in this video is not a meteor. I have seen many meteors, but this travels too slow. Also, meteors don't fly low and horizontal to the planet. Meteors fall downward in a diagonal, but this is cruising though our atmosphere with no fear of falling. That is 100% proof it is not a meteor. Obviously, it is an intelligently made craft with a high probability of being alien," wrote Waring on his website.

The eyewitness who captured the eerie sky sighting revealed the object spotted in the sky had a size approximately of eight houses. The witness argued that UFO moved up and down many times during its course which clearly indicates that it is not a balloon nor a drone.

After capturing the spooky sighting, the witness soon handed over the video to a UFO institute in Campinas, and experts there also ruled out the possibility of this object being a meteor.

A few days back, another bizarre flying object was spotted in the skies of La Porte, Indiana which made many people believe that an alien invasion is imminent. The cigar-shaped object spotted then was seen flying above a field in La Porte very slowly, and the witness who captured the incident strongly argued that it is an authentic proof of extraterrestrial existence. However, skeptics revealed that the strange object in the skies could be a hang glider airplane.

Earlier this month, a triangle-shaped UFO was spotted in the skies of Washington. The video of the incident soon went viral on online spaces, and many people claimed that it is actually the secretive TR-3B, the alleged military craft developed by the US Air Force during the Gulf War.