UFO Hoax or Real?
UFO Hoax or Real? (file photo of UFO sighting). The UFO spotted over a baseball game in Canada was only a drone deployed by a planetarium. The drone flying over Canada was not quite like the typical unmanned and armed military drone. YouTube/ Mike Nikolaou

Three unidentified green-coloured objects were videotaped rotating in the night sky over Wittenberge in Germany.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on 19 September by "UFOFiles TV". The objects - two triangular shapes and one circular - can be seen clearly in the video.

"It was filmed in full zoom and night sight modus. The filmer cannot explain this. He watched these UFOs ca. 3 minutes before he got his camera. We at the UFOFilesTV know these forms or rather these lights of older sightings in Belgium. These UFOs are also known as TR-A or TR3-B. Apparently they originate from the US Air Force but nobody could verify this so far," said UFOFiles TV.

The objects appear to repel each other when they come close. At one point in the video, one of the triangular-shaped object shoots off to the right at high speed in an explosion of light. In the meantime, the other triangular object fades out and only the circular one remains in the sky.

 A former FBI special agent said that the objects in the video are "too defined" "It looks like they added a night vision video effect with a green tint and even some 'grainy noise' -- the sparkling pixels which are common when night vision is shot in near complete darkness," FBI special agent Ben Hansen told Huffington Post.

Hansen also compared the present video with another video that was uploaded on 18 September on YouTube, and said that both the footages are same and the uploader was testing to see which video gets the most views.

"It's the same video, but with a different audio track, zoomed in, and with a night vision software effect added. We're most likely dealing with the same hoaxer because they probably had access to the original CGI video in order to prevent significant video generation loss. I'm guessing they were conducting a little test to see which version received the most views," he said.

Check the video here