UFO sighting
UFO sighting in Russia earlier this yearImage Credit:YouTube Screenshot

Thousands of demonstrators during the recent protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, spotted an object, believed to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), hovering in the skies.  

A video of the UFO was recorded by one of the protestors on Monday evening at around 5.30 pm. A fast moving light was seen in the sky which appeared to slow down and observe what is happening on ground.

Millions of people took to the streets in a nationwide protest over the transport fare hikes in Brazil. On Monday, people gathered in Sao Paulo downtown for demonstrations when they witnessed the object flying in the sky.

While, some people believe it to be a UFO, some say that the light could be a drone which was controlled by a pilot somewhere else on the ground.

"I've seen many of them, but never could get them on video. This was filmed on June 17th about 5:30 pm. It was flying about 500 ft off the ground; hundreds of people saw the UFO. It was not wind and it was like nothing most people have ever seen. The location was Sao Paulo downtown, Largo da Batata," the video uploader UFO Disclosure News (UFODI) said on YouTube.

Apparently, except the footage uploaded by UFODI there are no other videos of the same incident. "We are trying our outright best at getting another video and when we do! It will be a ground breaker," the user said.

The original video by UFODI was taken down from YouTube, but several other videos of the same footage were uploaded later.

Check out the video here: