UFO in China
Mysterious rectangular object spotted in ChinaYoutube/screenshot

Mysterious phenomena one after another have been baffling the citizens in China. After "floating city" and smoke ring incident, another phenomenon stunned the citizens in China.

Bizzare footage showing a rectangle-shaped mysterious object hovering in the sky in China's Jinan city has left the residents baffled. The video, which was taken on August 13, shows the unidentified rectangular object in the night sky.

Several people shared the footage on social media site Weibo wondering what is the mysterious object. Some people said that the object looks like a mobile phone, while some said it is a flying magic carpet. However, several others said that it is just a projection onto clouds.

"It looks like a mobile phone!" one user said.

"The door of heaven is open," another commented.

"Above is a flying carpet."

According to local reports, the mysterious light is nothing but a spotlight projection.

This is the second time a mysterious object was spotted in China that left the citizens puzzled. Last week, several beachgoers spotted a mysterious smoke ring over a Jinshitan beach, northeastern China. Hundreds of people recorded the footage before it vanished into the clouds.

"There is an unidentified flying object appearing in the sky. Its oval shape is expanding and it is coming towards us closer and closer," one onlooker said in a video.

People initially thought that it is a mysterious object, but later social media users solved the puzzle and said it is just a visual effect from a performance nearby. Even the spokesperson of the event confirmed that the smoke ring is from the sky.

"Whenever the show started, they shot out a black smoke ring," one commentator said.