ufo chile
YouTube: Mavi777

'Mavi777', a conspiracy theory YouTube channel popular for publishing videos related to UFO and alien activities, recently uploaded another eerie clip that shows a giant flying object hovering in the skies of Chile. The YouTube channel reveals that strange sighting was shot on December 6 by a man named Alexis Seron.

In the clip, a strange object, shaped just like a flying saucer can be seen floating in the skies, and it literally resembled flying ships which people have seen in Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

Interestingly, the bizarre object was spotted very close to the Calbuco volcano, and many people started arguing that aliens from deep space have visited the area to analyze volcanic activities on earth. These conspiracy theorists believe that advanced aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and they claim that these extraterrestrial beings are now gearing up for a disclosure.

However, sceptics believe that there is nothing fishy about the video shot in Chile. As per these sceptics, the object spotted in the skies is nothing but lenticular clouds, a completely natural phenomenon.

Even though sceptics have dismissed the alien angle associated with the sighting, adamant alien buffs loudly proclaim that extraterrestrials are using cloaking technology, and they are using lenticular clouds to hide their presence. Some people even allege that these lenticular clouds are proof of weather manipulation done by the government without public knowledge. 

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after another unidentified flying object was spotted in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, the object spotted in Saudi Arabia was triangular in shape, and it had lights attached on its edges. As the video shot from Saudi Arabia went viral, many people argued that the object spotted in the skies could be the alleged TR-3B, a secretive anti-gravity vessel developed by the United States Air Force.