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A UFO sighting in Ilkley in West Yorkshire, Northern England, has left the residents stunned. Witnesses claim that the mysterious object emerged from the clouds and vanished in a few seconds.

Jason Ewen, 57, claims to have seen the mysterious spherical object from his penthouse. He saw the UFO last month and said that it moved at an "unbelievable speed" and stopped for a moment before disappearing into the clouds.

"It must have been moving at 6,500mph then came to a dead stop – it was unbelievable. Anybody aboard would have been strawberry jam. With everybody looking at the accident they would have been completely distracted – nobody would have been looking up at the sky," Ewen, who is a retired search engine optimization manager, told the Daily Star.

"It would have been a perfect opportunity to observe us with all that going on."

According to Ewen, the spherical object will be 18-25 feet in size. He claimed that the UFO stayed motionless above 3,000 feet before vanishing in 15 seconds.

"When it disappeared it shot off into the cloud base above – but from a complete standstill. I could see light in the clouds and wondered if it was – what it was doing in there I do not know. I think it was doing a job – maybe it was attracted by all the flashing lights going off below and was just curious," he said.

Ewen also dismissed the fact that the spherical object could be a drone or the helicopter.

"But there is no way this was a remote-controlled drone or a helicopter – it was completely silent. As someone who has studied UFOs since a child, I could not believe what I was seeing. I didn't report it to the aviation authorities or the RAF. As desk level it would just be ignored and the upper echelons would not want anyone to know about this."