Cris Cyborg, Angela Magana, UFC, Jessica Andrade
Cris Cyborg.Getty Images.

Cris Cyborg punching Angela Magana has been dominating the UFC news for the last few days. While it's normal for UFC fighters to punch each other, this incident happened outside the octagon during a UFC Athlete Retreat. Cyborg confronted Magana after she posted a picture on twitter making fun of the Brazilian.

Cyborg was charged with misdemeanour and battery and the incident is still under investigation by officials. Reports say the Brazilian could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Meanwhile, Magana could not sit quietly and let the officials decide and hence she decided to have a go at former Strikeforce Women's Featherweight Champion.

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Magana, who has two losses from her two fights in the UFC right now, posted a message on twitter directed at Cyborg and challenged her to a jiu-jitsu match and said she would chock her out. Cyborg is yet to respond to the post, but the match is unlikely to happen.

While Cyborg is one of the most decorated female fighters in the arena, Magana is yet to make a name for herself in the sport. She has competed for a lot of companies other than the UFC but given the experience gap, it's hard to see Magana coming out on top.

While the fight with Cyborg might never happen, Magana does have another opponent in Jessica Andrade who is ready to fight her. During this whole incident between Cyborg and Magana, Andrade decided to step in and said on twitter: "Ok, so let´s do this...You can't fight Gabi or Cris anyways, so I volunteer to hit you inside the octagon."

Andrade and Magana compete in the same division and this fight seems more realistic than her fighting Cyborg. The Brazilian lost her latest fight to UFC Women's Strawweight Championship Joanna Jedrzejczyk ending her three-fight winning streak. The UFC and Magana are yet to respond to this.

Meanwhile, Magana gave the update to TMZ on what she plans on doing to Cyborg after the punch and confirmed that she is "most definitely" suing her. She also had a message for her: "You f***ed up, big time. You can't do what you did. I'm gonna get you as hard as I can get you."