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When your kid is born with defects and requires longer durations of hospitlisation, don't feel isolated or hapless. Here's Uday Foundation setting an example to those parents to relive in the spirit of child care despite all odds.

It was in 2006 that Arjunuday was born as a sibling to a healthy sister Lavanya. His parents Tulika and Rahul Verma planned second baby to give a company to their daughter and it was a full term pregnancy without any complication.

But when Arjunuday was born, the doctors found multiple congenital defects that shattered the dreams of the parents, who were left totally devastated at the punishment meted out to them.

They had undergone phases of self-pity, denial, mutual accusations and anger towards society that was indifferent to their problem. Undaunted, they vowed to give the child the best possible medical care.

After 9 correction surgeries and 11 hospitalizations, Arjunuday is now just another child of his age but he cannot have voluntary bowel movements. He requires an artificial mechanism to empty his colon, a daily enema.

When he was in AIIMS, Delhi, Rahul and Tulika saw what struggle really means. Many patients couldn't afford a nutritious meal as their families themselves could not afford to eat, attending on them for months together. It was then that the hapless parents decided to lend a hand to those in despair. "I started helping out in whatever little way I could," says Rahul. Soon, he decided to start the Uday Foundation in his ailing son's name to provide quality healthcare for the underprivileged, especially the children.

Tulika continues her Job to support the family as Rahul runs the foundation with the help of a dedicated team to spread awareness among people that that every parent and child deserve the dignity of leading a life with access to quality healthcare regardless of their background.

More than 10 years since inception, Uday Foundation has grown exponentially and now runs multiple programs and initiatives throughout the year with two doctors and a host of volunteers lending their support. They conduct health camps, organise emergency response and disaster relief and also cater to the requirements of the needy. Main source of funding is not from big coporations but from the indivuals who generously donate money, says Rahul.

"We also have our own ambulance service. And three times in the week, we ferry the kids from the OPD small distances for fun," adds Rahul. The foundation also organises storytelling sessions thrice a week for children. In winters, they provide warm clothes, blankets and other necessities to the homeless population across the city of Delhi.

His son Arjunuday bears the character of his parents' perseverance. He is beating all the odds to attend a normal school though his immunity levels often stand in his way. With high levels of confidence in his mission Uday Foundation founder Rahul says: "One thing I have learnt from running this foundation for all these years is that there are many wonderful people out there who are willing to help and there are people out there who desperately need that help. It's a matter of getting them together."