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Like many others, Bollywood actor Uday Chopra took to Twitter to share some of his observations on the 2018 Karnataka elections. However, he became a victim to severe trolling for the same, and got tagged as "Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood".

Uday through Google search "found" out that Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala is a "BJP, RSS" person, and through his tweet, suggested that Vala's past association with BJP might influence the Karnataka election verdict.

"I just googled the governor of Karnataka. BJP guy and RSS hmmm I guess we all know what's gonna happen [sic]," Uday tweeted. Soon, many started mocking his political knowledge, and termed him as "Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood".

People started targeting him for his not-so-successful acting career, and also lectured him on the political process in India.

Seeing the trolls flooding his timeline, Uday again tweeted, "Ha! So many trolls on my timeline suddenly. I agree I am no one of consequence but I am still an Indian and I care deeply about my country [sic]."

But that didn't stop the criticism which made him tweet, "How dare I have an opinion opposed to yours."

Vala is the governor of Karnataka since 2014. Being a past member of BJP, Vala had served as a cabinet minister in Gujarat from 1997 to 2012.

Although BJP won the maximum seats in the Karnataka elections, it failed to form the government due to Congress and JD(S) alliance. Hence, both BJP and Congress-JD(S) have approached Karnataka governor Vala to set claims in forming the government in the state.

Vala is the person now, who would decide if he would invite the single largest party BJP or the coalition of Congress and JD(S) to prove its majority.

Check some of the tweets from trolls, who attacked Uday left, right and centre for his remark.