Much-awaited "U Turn" has opened to mixed reviews from critics. While the first half has been praised for its engaging content, the second half has not lived up to their expectations. As a result, the Kannada film, which could have added a feather to Pawan Kumar's cap, has turned out to be an usual entertainer.

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The story of "U Turn" is about an interim at a leading daily getting trapped in a murder case. The main plot of the film is set in the busy Richmond flyover. Motorists remove the concrete blocks to take illegal u-turn in the flyover and the story revolves around it. The young journalist is working on an article about the offenders, who break the rules, and the story gets interesting once they start getting killed.

The critics have pointed out that the first half of "U Turn" is made well. The screenplay makes the audience enjoy the film on the edge of their seats. But the second half is not up to the mark and the climax is a big letdown. Nonetheless, the film is enjoyable for its thrilling moments. Performance-wise, Shraddha Srinath comes out with flying colour and Roger Narayanan has done an outstanding job. Poornachandra Tejaswi's music is apt. Here, read the reviews of the film by leading critics:

Deccan Chronicle Review: In fact, 'U Turn,' is nothing short of brilliance in first half until it is taken over by an unseen force. Everything which looked so well crafted - from the plot which keeps the audience engaged without an iota of boredom to the well portrayed characters.

Bangalore Mirror Review: The urbane effort of the first half makes way for Sandalwood's most popular seasonal flavour that is currently underway. What you desperately do not want to happen post interval happens. The narrative is fast except for in the end where it mattered most.

Times of India: Pawan Kumar's first film was a feel-good love story about a man and his tryst with love. His second was a trippy take on lucid dreams. This time around, with U-Turn, he has chosen a mystery thriller, which deals with traffic offenders. The story follows the life of rebellious Rachana, who is an intern reporter, aspiring to crack that 'one killer story'.

The Statesman Review: The tone of the narration is set by the inverted shot of a busy road in blue hue with the song Karma reverberating in the background. It is interesting as well as arresting.