Mumbai Police has sent Arnab Goswami two notices in a 12 hour period for immediate interrogation for questioning Congress President Sonia Gandhi's silence on Palghar sadhu lynching.

Arnab stated that the Mumbai Police has sent him two notices in the last 12 hours saying that they want to immediately interrogate him regarding his comments on Sonia Gandhi. As a law-abiding citizen, he said that he will cooperate with the investigation, subject himself to interrogation on Monday morning.

arnab goswami
Goswami was earlier the editor-in-chief of Times Now, the English news channel owned by Times Network. He resigned from his post in November 2016 and launched his own news channel Republic TV on May 6 this year.Wikimedia Commons / Debastein

Arnab urges Mumbai Police to investigate role of congress in the attack

"I would also urge the Mumbai Police to show similar alacrity and a sense of immediacy in investigating the attack on me and my wife, also a senior colleague at Republic TV at 12:15 am on 23rd of April, 2020. Despite my repeated requests the Mumbai Police has refused to mention the role of the Vadra Congress and its leadership in instigating the attack, carrying out the attack, and celebrating the attack."

He added that in order to ensure that the role of the Vadra Congress in the attack is not erased; he is sharing further facts with the Mumbai Police. He said that he was sure that the Mumbai Police will not sidestep the detailed evidence available on the role of the Vadra Congress and delete the element of conspiracy and assault in the attack.

Arnab's statement regarding Mumbai police's notice for interrogation

The attack on Arnab and his wife Samyabrata

The attack on Arnab Goswami and his wife Samyabrata took place on Wednesday night and it happened just hours after Arnab had questioned Congress president Sonia Gandhi in his debate about her abject silence in the Palghar lynching case where two Hindhu sadhus and their driver were lynched. However, soon after, Congress leaders and many journalists started abusing Arnab and by extension Prime Minister Modi implying he was responsible for Arnab questioning Sonia Gandhi's silence.

Goswami immediately reported the matter, which was allegedly watered down by the Mumbai police. Several FIRs were then registered against him in states that are ruled by the Congress government or its alliances. The FIRs were stayed by the Court except one filed in Nagpur. These FIRs were filed against Arnab for using derogatory language against Sonia Gandhi. Further, Arnab Goswami said that he found the actions of the Mumbai police suspicious.