Two IIT-Guwahati students were detained by the police for allegedly molesting three girls from the Guwahati University.

IIT Guwahati
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati campus.Wikimedia Commons/Vikramjit Kakati

The incident occurred on February 3 during the annual fest of IIT-Guwahati— "Alcheringa," but the students registered a complaint with the police on February 7.

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"In their complaint, the three girls alleged that the two accused IIT students had spiked their drinks before committing the crime. We picked up the duo from the IIT campus last (Tuesday) night and our investigation is on," the police told the Indian Express.

One of the girls said the incident had taken place after 10:30 PM on that day. "As it was late, we were trying to get accommodation in the IIT campus to spend the night as guests. It was then that we were accosted by the duo who offered to help us. They offered us spiked soft drinks and after having a sip, I felt dizzy. Then they got into the act. I tried to resist, but lost my consciousness soon," she said.

The trio have undergone medical tests and reports about the tests are yet to come. The police have declined to disclose the names of the accused until their connection to the alleged molestation is determined.

Meanwhile the police is also trying to find out why the girls decided to stay back in the IIT campus as the distance between the two institutions (Guwahati university and IIT-Guwahati) is less than 10 km. Besides the short distance, radio and app-based cabs are available throughout the night in the city and on the outskirts.