Shekhar Gupta
Shekhar Gupta was thrown out of Bangalore Club.Twitter

Shekhar Gupta, the founder of The Print was thrown out of the Bangalore Club on Thursday after he entered one of the finest club dressed in a white kurta and pajama.

The Bangalore Club, which was set up in 1868, is one of the oldest clubs in India. The club members represent a heterogeneous and cosmopolitan set of society. Like the Cosmopolitan Club, Century Club and Indiranagar Club and few other elite restaurants in India, the Bangalore Club also has a strict dress code. In the Bangalore Club, the male members cannot enter the premises wearing Indian traditional attire, such as dhoti and kurta.

As a result, Gupta, was asked to leave the club, following which, the former journalist with NDTV took to Twitter to describe what had happened with him during his visit to the club.

"First time experience of how parts of elite India live in 19th Century. Just got thrown out of Bangalore Club for being dressed in kurta-pyjama. Humble fact: I'm better dressed than so many men here in polyester bush shirts," tweeted Gupta.

While, a few Twitter users were against the treatment meted out to Gupta, others trolled him for the attire that he wore to the club.

A few people have also shared their expereinces:

However, Gupta is not the only one, who has faced such treatment. In 2002, Mohan Gopal, former Director, National Law School of India, were also denied entry by the Bangalore Club for wearing a dhoti.

In September 2015, the government introduced a Bill – The Karnataka Entry into Public Places (Removal of Restriction on Dress and Regulation of Membership and Fee) Bill– according to which "no person wearing a veshti (dhoti) reflecting Kannada culture or any other Indian traditional dress, shall be denied entry into any public place, provided that the dress is decent".

It seems that the Bangalore Club is not following the rule.