Twitter went crazy as Real Madrid sacked Rafa Benitez and appointed the legendary Zinedine Zidane as their manager on Monday at the Santiago Bernabeu. 

Some praised the decision of appointing Zidane as the new manager of the Spanish giants and some made memes of Zidane's famous headbutting picture of Marco Materazzi and replaced the Italian's face with Benitez.

A number of football fans around the world posted Vine videos of Zidane practising how to head the football as well.  

Some already started fearing that a legend like Zidane might also be sacked if the club fails to yield the right results under the charge of the Frenchman.

"Might as well start putting the bets on when Zidane is going to get sacked. Ridiculous club, Benitez should never have even been appointed," a fan tweeted. 

Few fans criticised the decision of Perez and stated that Zidane has no real coaching experience. "Absolutely brutal, Benitez won 17 and lost 3. Real Madrid showing no patience, and Zidane has no experience. Hope they fail now," a fan tweeted. 

"Anyhow, zidane has no real coaching experience, this could be disastrous... Or he could be extremely good and boss things. Stupid risk still," tweeted another fan, who did not agree with Perez's decision of appointing Zidane as the new manager of Real Madrid. 

Zidane, who was in charge of the B team since 2014, will now lead the first team. Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez said that the former France footballer knows better than any one else how to lead this squad. 

After Zidane was appointed as the Real Madrid manager, football fans across the world reacted on Twitter. They heavily trolled Benitez by making funny memes about Benitez and Zidane.