Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced the launch of a new media site, through which it aims to educate its users about the platform and how to work it in favour of their businesses.

Launched on 21 November, Twitter Media also highlights the tips and tricks of the trade and provides information to users about effective social media marketing strategies and how the site can also be used to expand the business.

"Whether you are an indie producer or a media conglomerate, we have resources for you," said Bridget Finn, Media Editor, in a blogpost.

While the main page of the site has been divided into sections - television, sports, government, music, news, faith, non-profit and the basics, it also features a page dedicated to each of the sub-categories with details about these industries, and how Twitter can be used to put smaller firms on the map.  

The dedicated pages carry top news from the industry, success stories and tips on how to amass and engage followers.

"Best practices, success stories and resources to help you bring the power of Twitter to TV, music, sports, news, government and more," reads the description on the site.

Even though the main focus of Twitter Media appears to be on companies and firms, an individual user can also benefit from the site.

Amassing and engaging followers have been one of the major concerns of any Twitter user. A strong follower base not only means more popularity, but it is also an effective means to spread a message far and wide.

The tips and best practices featured on the site will help users know and understand the micro-blogging site better and help them use it to the fullest to reap fantastic benefits.