Pranav Dhanawade was a relatively unknown figure till yesterday morning, but has now become an internet sensation after his heroics with the bat, which saw him score 1009 not out against Arya Gurukul School in a Bhandari Cup match on Tuesday.

The 15-year old prodigy, who had scored 652 runs on Monday, picked up from where he left off as he became the first person in the history of cricket to come up with a four digit score in one innings. Dhanawade, who is the son of an auto-rickshaw driver, scored 1009 runs in just 323 balls, which included 59 sixes and 129 fours, at an amazing strike rate of 312.38.

Such has been his feat that he tops Twitter's trending charts in India. Twitterati were busy posting some funny and congratulatory messages to the 15-year old kid, who has managed to rewrite cricket's history books.

Twitter reactions

Swapnil Rawal â€wrote: "A Thousand Splendid Runs" by 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade

Chandan tweeted : Pranav Dhanawade makes 1009 run in a single inning which is more than Pakistan's wonder boy Ahmed Shehzad could score in 11 test or 37 T20Is

Dinakran Rengachary posted: Pranav Dhanawade is now the top India trend. Good to see a poor auto rickshaw driver's son becoming the top trend. Change from fake trends

The Lie Lama wrote: Thousand reasons to love this guy! Again, Aamchi Mumbai! Pranav Dhanawade, making history and how!

The posted: Meanwhile, cricket academies in Bombay are rapidly updating Pranav Dhanawade's Wikipedia page to show that they trained him.

Varun Agarwal tweeted: Reporter: Do you know Pranav Dhanawade? Sharapova: Yes, that kid who scored 1000 runs *Sachin faints*

Arfan wrote: Just one innings, And a Pranav Dhanawade's fanclub account has been created

CRICKBC wrote: Everyone will now claim Pranav Dhanawade to be next Sachin. But then what about those bowlers. Next Ishant, Dinda, Nehra ?

Trendulkar posted: Looks like Agarkar and Nehra are bowling to Pranav Dhanawade.