Cardi B and Offset
Instagram/Cardi B

Cardi B has never been ashamed of her stripper past but while the singer has moved on from it and making a name as a rapper, the internet refuses to let her take the step ahead. In a disgusting move in what looks like to bring down Cardi's spirits, a "sex tape" has been leaked, according to MTONews, Hollywood Life notes.

According to the news outlet, the video surfaced online shows a naked woman dancing. The fans of the songstress are convinced that it is the 25-year-old after they found the tattoos on the leg of the woman in the video and the ones on Cardi's leg are more-or-less the same.

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The reported video leak has, unfortunately, come on the same day as Cardi released her new song, "Bartier Cardi" and this has got fans furious. Fans of the "Badok Yellow" singer called this move as an extreme invade her privacy and condemned the horrible incident on Twitter.

Expressing anguish, a fan tweeted, "You gotta be next level lame to post a video of cardi b nude twerking on the night she trying to establish herself as a label artist."

"Lame as f**k yall sharing Cardi's nude video around," shared another angry user. "i just saw this video of cardi dancing, she was nude or whatever & people so called "bashing" her like she ain't tell y'all she was a stripper like grow up sis & you can clearly tell the video is old. lol. find ya something else to do," reminded another Twitter user.

A few fans also speculate that the video could be from her days as a stripper. 

Cardi dropped her new single featuring 21 Savage giving numerous shout-outs to her fiancée Offset. She teased the song a few days ago on Instagram. Check out the full song here: