We do not know if the aliens that catch the earliest UFO leaving their planet for Earth will be friendly or violent; but we sure are excited about their arrival.

The latest Twitter Trend "#AliensTakingOverEarthParty" saw people all over the world celebrating what they thought was the arrival of extra terrestrial beings to earth; and singer Josh Groban definitely did not want to be left behind.

Groban, who claims to have seen the UFO-like object at the California coast tweeted around 9.00 pm (EST), "California coast. DID. ANYONE. ELSE. JUST. SEE. THAT. #ufo". He then went on a spree and posted numerous photos of the said space-ship along with news updates regarding the same.

Although it has now been officially confirmed by the US Government that it wasn't a UFO, or a rocket or even a meteor shower, Twitteratti's enthusiasm remain high. A Navy Spokesman confirmed to San Diego Union Tribune that what the Californians saw was a Trident II (D5) missile that the Navy Strategic Systems Programs fired from the Pacific Test Range off the coast of California.

The test was reportedly part of a system evaluation test. Now that the object on the sky has been determined to be a missile, Twiteratti decided to flip their game and use "#AliensTakingOverEarthParty" to make jokes about alien invasion.

Check out a few of them below:

Ronda's Always Right (‏@ronda_is_right): "Up until they realized @RondaRousey lives on earth. They are now going back to Mars. It's way too risky."

Tweeting_Bird (@Madiha_Tweets): "The aliens started trending this #AliensTakingOverEarthParty"

Meanwhile others still warn caution: