Age is just a number and it really does not signify how old you are.

Seventy-year-old Subbulakshmi couldn't have collected the Pongal gift hamper of Rs 2,500, sugarcane, and clothes provided by the government all alone until two nine-year-old twins - V Nithin and V Nithish had come to her rescue and extended timely assistance to reach a ration shop near her home.

The struggle of life

The old lady, a widow, roamed around Kothamangalam village in Tamil Nadu with the help of a walking stick after sustaining a leg injury a couple of years ago, V. Vanitha, mother of the twins, said in an interview to India Today. She also lived with her unmarried daughter who is said to be mentally ill and struggled on her own to make her ends meet.

On her way to the ration shop to collect the gift hamper, Subbulakshmi after a point of time couldn't proceed further due to her ill health.

Elder woman
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Amid the hardships, the announcement of the gift hamper by the government was a big relief to Subbulakshmi. But while walking to the ration shop, Subbalakshmi's ill health caused her intense fatigue and at one point she gave up and lay down on the ground near the twins' home.

"She could not be taken on a two-wheeler to the shop as she had hip problem. That was when I thought of transporting her in our pushcart," Vanitha added.

A moment of pride

The mother of the twins said that Subbulakshmi took nearly two hours to just cover half the distance to the ration shop. Sympathising at her condition, the boys carried her to the ration shop in a pushcart. They also ensured she reached home after collecting the Pongal gift.

As per reports, Nithin and Nitish were further helped by locals in the ration shop to lift the elderly woman, collect her gift hamper, and then drop her home safely.

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Women preparing Pongal dish for the Pongal festival.Reuters

"The aged woman was at a loss of words to thank my sons for their deed," the mother said.

The boys received wide-spread appreciation for their good work by the villagers.

Festive hampers in Tamil Nadu

Pongal signifies the end of winter and beginning of the harvest season. Marking an important day in the Tamil calendar, the locals worship Sun God and Goddess Lakshmi and celebrate decorating cows, fix marriage proposals and begin new business ventures.

On the very occasion, New Indian Express has learnt that the Tamil Nadu government will be offering Pongal gift hamper, comprising of Rs 2,500, 1-kg raw rice, sugar, cashewnut, dry grapes and sugarcane, to ration cardholders till January 25.

Among the 2.01 crore cardholders, a total of 97 per cent cardholders have received their Pongal gift hamper so far. However, as per a government order issued by Sajjansingh R Chavan, Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, the remaining six lakh cardholders can receive gift hampers till January 25.