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Fake tweet in name of Adnam Sami claims to reveal climax of Zero movie.Twitter

While Shah Rukh Khan's movie Zero is awaited by his fans, a fake tweet in the name of singer Adnan Sami regarding the climax of the film has been going viral on social media.

A screenshot of a fake tweet from Sami that talks about the storyline and climax of Zero has been doing the rounds on social media. It claims that Anushka Sharma's character dies at the end of the movie, and Shah Rukh becomes an astronaut to fulfil her wish. Shah Rukh Khan's Zero funny memes.

"Anushka Sharma will die due to paralysis disease at the end of film 'Zero' and SRK will become an astronaut just to fulfil Anushka's wish. The end. Don't tag anyone to ruin their movie [sic]," the tweet said.

The tweet looks so genuine that many believed it to be true, and started questioning the singer for revealing the climax of Zero. It appeared to be real to many also because the trailer of Zero suggested that Shah Rukh's character will actually be seen setting off a rocket into space.

It reached Sami too and he has been replying to his fans with a clarification stating it is fake.

Lately, a lot of such fake tweets in the name of popular celebrities have come to the fore, which is why checking the authenticity of such controversial tweets has become absolutely necessary.

Directed by Aanand L Rai, Zero is a story of a dwarf played by SRK, whose life changes drastically after he comes across two ladies played by Anushka and Katrina Kaif. While Anushka plays the role of an intelligent physically disabled person, Katrina will be seen portraying the character of a popular film star.

The film's trailer received good response from the viewers and has added more hype to the movie. It is expected to witness an excellent start at the box office. Zero is slated to release on December 21.