TVS Creon
TVS Creon when showcased at Auto Expo.IBT Media/ Ken Sunny

TVS Motor Company is reportedly working on the parking assist system for its upcoming electric scooters in India. The emerging reports suggest TVS will introduce the parking assist in all its e-scooters in India and the technology will make its debut in the Creon electric scooter, which is believed to be in the works.

According to a report of BikeWale, the TVS parking assist will analyze the speed, brakes, and throttle of the vehicle before it is activated and will assist in parking by judging the size of the parking lot. The system in question will also help the rider to maneuver the scooter in front and back in order to be parked even in tight parking space.

To activate the parking assist, the throttle should be opened and the speed of the scooter should be that of less than 6 kmph. For the reverse assist, the throttle and brakes of the scooter should not be in use and the speed of the model should be 0 kmph. The reverse assist will assist in reversing the scooter at the speed of around 3-4kmph. When the system is activated, the instrument cluster of the scooter will show the "Parking assist on" message and also the hazard lamps will get automatically activated.

TVS Creon
TVS Creon is an e-scooter expected to be launched in India.PR Handout

Other than parking, the TVS parking assist system will also help the e-scooters to have better control when in downhill. The system will automatically brake if the vehicle is above a certain speed limit. It is not yet known by when we can expect the new system and the e-scooter of TVS. The company has been testing an e-scooter in India, which is believed to be based on the Jupiter scooter.

TVS Creon, on the other hand, is a performance-oriented electric scooter concept that was first showcased at the Auto Expo 2018 in February. The model showcased featured a new electric motor that propels the scooter from 0-60 kmph in under 5.1 seconds and boasts of a range of 80 km. A rapid charging time of 60 minutes for 80 percent of the full charge was another highlight of the model.

At the heart of TVS Creon was three state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries capable of delivering 12 kW power. The batteries have been specially designed to ensure high charge per volume.