On June 19, two shopkeepers, 50-year-old P Jeyaraj and his 31-year-old son Fenix were brought in to the Sathankulam police station for questioning in Tuticorin. They were brought in on charges for violating lockdown rules by keeping their mobile shop running during the lockdown. However, they were 'beaten to death' at the police station, according to reports. While Jeyaraj passed away on June 22, his son Fenix died on June 23. 

The custodial death and the police brutality responsible for the gruesome and violent death of the two shopkeepers in Tamil Nadu has created an uproar. A new movement has been spurred by the violence that unveiled itself recently.

Jeyaraj and Fenix
The last straw seems to have been the 'custodial death' in Tuticorin of two shopkeepers, father and son.Twitter

Netizens raise their voices against police brutality in Tuticorin

After George Floyd, many in India had discussed police brutality in India as an ignored issue. Despite the evidence, despite many crimes, many claimed that society turned a blind eye towards the situation in our country, claims and proofs that were dismissed by the system and the media. However, the last straw seems to have been the 'custodial death' in Tuticorin of two shopkeepers, father and son.

P Jeyaraj and his son Fenix ran a mobile shop in Tuticorin brought in for questioning on the account of violating lockdown restrictions at the Sathankulam police station. The 59-year-old and 31-year-old would not return home. The news of police brutality broke after the two passed away. This has alarmed and shocked Tamil Nadu

In a show of solidarity and protest against police brutality, shops across the state will be shut tomorrow. The family have sought murder charges to be filed against the policemen who were involved. 

The two victims were said in the First Information Report to have been rolling on the ground and abusing the police officials. A probe has been ordered into the matter, but the public has been demanding justice for the two. The Madras High Court has also ordered a post-mortem of the bodies. Activists and human rights organisations have risen to seek justice and join the family in their fight, even celebrities like Shikhar Dhawan, Khushbu Sundar and others have raised their voice.

Riteish Deshmukh tweet seeking Justice for Jeyaraj and Fenix
Khushbu Sundar tweet
Shikhar Dhawan

The trend #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix has picked up many members of the public, hopefully, justice will be delivered.