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The latest warning from the Turkish intelligence agency suggests that a highly-trained 'sucide bomber' squad has been dispatched to the country by the Islamic State (Isis) to attack embassies in Ankara belonging to US-led coalition members.

"The jihadist militants could be working on armed or bombing attacks in Ankara and Istanbul against the diplomatic missions of the countries involved in the US-led anti-ISIL [ISIS] coalition," said a Hurriyet newspaper report, citing the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation (MİT).

The Turkish intelligence agency reportedly sent in an alert memo to the entire police force and the border guards asking them to be extra-vigilant as Isis is reportedly dispatching about 3,000 militants, who have already started entering the country in batches, posing as refugees.

The Isis attack team comprises of Syrian and Palestinian citizens, who "have entered Turkey undercover as refugees and are planning to travel to Europe through Bulgaria in order to attack anti-ISIL coalition member countries," said the Hurriyet report, citing the intelligence notice.

It also claims that the key leaders of the operations have already entered the country and are now waiting for further instructions.

The intelligence tip-off cited Isis' defeat in the Kurdish city of Kobani as one of the main reasons for the group looking at other means to target the coalition members.

Currently, there are about 120 embassies that are hosted in Ankara, including that of the US, the UK, Jordan and Egypt.