An explosion in Kobane, after an ISIS suicide bomber blew up a truck near a YPG hideout.
An explosion in Kobane, after an ISIS suicide bomber blew up a truck near a YPG hideout.Reuters

Turkey has reportedly been accused of not only providing strategic intel on Kurdish fighters to the Islamic State but also of being involved in training jihadi militants.

A WND report, citing sources from Jordanian intelligence, claimed that several ISIS members have been trained by NATO member Turkey for secret operations.

According to the report, a senior security officer stated that 16 ISIS members were arrested recently, while trying to sneak into Jordan, via the Syria border. During the course of interrogation, the militants revealed that they were sent for conducting bomb blasts in the country. The arrested also told Jordanian authorities that several ISIS militants received their training in Turkey.

The revelations come at a time when Turkey has been widely blamed for bombing the camps of Kurdish fighters and supporters in Kobane, with warplanes and artillery.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Turkey bombed camps of the Kurdistan Workers' Party on Monday, marking the military's first significant offensive against the PKK since peace talks began two years ago.

The move was bound to help the ISIS, which has been fighting hard to gain control of the town from Kurdish fighters for around a month.

Turkey has also been blamed for providing logistics, intelligence and satellite imagery to the ISIS fighters, to aid them in their fight against the Kurds.

Another report, citing an Egyptian official, noted that Turkey provided key intelligence data to the ISIS, exposing the positions of Kurdish fighters, and the locations of their weapons and ammunitions.