Kurdish militants launched two attacks in as many days on Turkish army and police units, leaving three policemen and one soldier dead in Turkey. 

Kurdish militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) opened fire on a police car in a region close to Turkey's border with Iraq, killing three policemen, Reuters reported. 

On Tuesday, Kurdish militants fired shots at a military convoy near the country's border with Iran, killing one soldier. 

On the same day, 19 soldiers were injured in mine attacks in the Diyarbakır province. 

The spate of attacks comes after the end of a month-long ceasefire agreed to by the PKK due to the general election held on 1 November that saw President Tayyip Erdogan hold on to power. 

Earlier this year, a two-year ceasefire ended between the two sides in July, leading to several clashes and attacks in the following months. 

The PKK, listed as a terrorist organisation in Turkey, has been demanding autonomy for the Kurdish population in the country.